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Sometimes you just need a drink and a laugh. Welcome to Crazy is a weekly podcast that’ll brighten your day, top off your evening, and possibly make you pee your pants along the way. Join Key 103’s Dani and Dina for a weekly rant about their crazy lives in an even crazier world.

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May 18, 2022

Summer is on the way and so we're all suddenly obsessed with our body image. It's just plain unfair that men lose weight faster than women, isn't it? Dani and Dina gripe about health and exercise as well as aging and menopause on the latest episode of Welcome to Crazy.

May 11, 2022

The ladies discuss their respective Mother's Days, from laundry to candles. An overview of the big fundraising weekend for the station takes precedence, before Wonderbread bags takes over. What was the biggest upset in Kentucky Derby history? Was it this most recent one? You've got to listen to find out!

May 4, 2022

After a few technical hiccups (whoopsies), the ladies discuss a bit about Mother's Day before switching gears to baby due dates. And leave it to Dina to lecture a drunk man about how he needs to make his wife feel like a queen. By the way, did you know you can 3D print a house?! It's another half hour of shenanigans on...

Apr 27, 2022

Dani recounts her mini vacation as Welcome to Crazy returns this week. Did you know there was a ghost in our studio? Well... maybe not any more since Dina yelled at it. But then it's ghost story time! Before it's make-up story time. And hair removal? It's always crazy story time on Welcome to Crazy.

Apr 20, 2022

Time for a throwback episode! Dani finally find out the true meaning of Boxing Day. Also how many small wins do people on average experience each year? Experience a win by listening now!