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Sometimes you just need a drink and a laugh. Welcome to Crazy is a weekly podcast that’ll brighten your day, top off your evening, and possibly make you pee your pants along the way. Join Key 103’s Dani and Dina for a weekly rant about their crazy lives in an even crazier world.

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Mar 30, 2022

Dani and Dina discuss the slap heard around the world, much like everyone else on the internet, before pivoting onto how Dina just has one of those faces where people just talk to her and tell her their life story. And then there's a couples massage story... get ready for laughs and cringe, it's Welcome to Crazy!

Mar 23, 2022

While Dani nurses a drinking induced back injury, Dina attempts to unravel her bizarre dream. And thus Welcome to Crazy dissolves into dream analysis 101. Psychological and emotional problems? Nah, the ladies are... fine. That is, until they play a game where neither of them can hear anything. It's all laughs and lots...

Mar 16, 2022

Dani's crock pot betrayed her, and that's just the start of this episode of Welcome to Crazy. From ranting about the time change to mourning the loss of social security, the ladies talk about some serious stuff... but always with a light touch. Tune in to Dina and Dani every weekday morning on Key 103.1 on the Dina...

Mar 9, 2022

Sometimes you just need to rant about a company. And sometimes Dani REALLY needs to rant about a company. It begs the question, at what point does incompetence just become hilarious? Dina shares a story of the dangers of running out of gas and skipping the gas station... you can imagine how this one ends. There's never...

Mar 2, 2022

Oh what's in a name? Dina spills the beans on her "grandma" name. The ladies chat about the clothes they have that never see the light of day, go over some silly surveys... also, what's this whole thing about getting old and getting tired after drinking? Dani isn't a fan. It's another week on Welcome to Crazy!