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Sometimes you just need a drink and a laugh. Welcome to Crazy is a weekly podcast that’ll brighten your day, top off your evening, and possibly make you pee your pants along the way. Join Key 103’s Dani and Dina for a weekly rant about their crazy lives in an even crazier world.

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Aug 10, 2022

When Dina and Dani get together, you're always promised a good time. From some serious laughs to serious topics with a light touch, Welcome to Crazy is the half hour break you need in a world gone bonkers.

Aug 3, 2022

From charity work to Dina's husband trying to make the ladies go viral, Welcome to Crazy is chock full of shenanigans and great discussions this week. How do you tell people something... less than great? Everyone has a very different way of approaching it. Are you more Dina, Dani, or Ash? Let us know and have a laugh,...