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Sometimes you just need a drink and a laugh. Welcome to Crazy is a weekly podcast that’ll brighten your day, top off your evening, and possibly make you pee your pants along the way. Join Key 103’s Dani and Dina for a weekly rant about their crazy lives in an even crazier world.

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Feb 23, 2023

Another Throwback!
Serious conversation starts the show followed by a heaping helping of silliness.

TV watching habits, complaining about young people, and, of course, potty humor are all on the table. Sounds like a regular Wednesday night to me! But, remember, their regular is our flat-out insane! Enjoy.

Feb 15, 2023

Today the ladies are here to dish out the In's and Out's, Tips and Tricks, and the Straight Dope! Everything you ever wanted (and want didn't) to know! Gift-Giving experiences, online rule etiquette, and (of course!) Dina's poop update! So many fun facts with Dina, learn them along side her today on this edition...

Feb 8, 2023

Watergate is discussed! No, not all that stuff with Nixon! No, it's that time Dina drank too much water and went to the hospital! Who knew drinking too much water could be a bad thing?! Dina didn't!
Crazy, wild stories as usual! Like find out what you're NOT supposed to do after being stung by a stingray (and find out...

Feb 1, 2023

Coming in hot and heavy tonight! Enjoy the spiciest of Dear Dani's where we find out which ticks off Dina off more: Someone using her hair brush or someone sleeping with her boyfriend (The answer may shock you!!...or maybe this is par for the course) And what would you do if an inappropriate website listed your...